Zettabyte File System ZFS

Zettabyte File System(ZFS)

ZFS file systems can be created and destroyed by using the zfs create and zfs destroy commands.

Querying ZFS File System Information

list basic dataset information by using the zfs list

zfs list -r <dataset> -- display all of its descendant datasets.

zfs get all pool -- keyword all to retrieve all dataset properties.

You can also explicitly set the mountpoint property as shown in the following example:

# zfs set mountpoint=/mnt pool/filesystem

# zfs get mountpoint pool/filesystem


pool/filesystem mountpoint /mnt local

The zfs mount command with no arguments shows all currently mounted file systems that are managed by ZFS. Legacy managed mount points are not displayed. For example:

# zfs mount

pool1 /pool1

pool1/home /pool1/home

pool1/home/vinu /pool1/home/vinu

pool1/ws /pool1/ws

You can use the a option to mount all ZFS managed file systems. Legacy managed file systems are not mounted. For example:

# zfs mount -a


file system is unmounted by file system name:

# zfs unmount pool1/home/amol

Setting Quotas on ZFS File Systems

ZFS quotas can be set and displayed by using the zfs set and zfs get commands. In the following example, a quota of 10 Gbytes is set on pool1/home/vinu.

# zfs set quota=10G pool1/home/vinu