IBM AIX Devices

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Devices management.

ODM keeps track of everything on the system, as

for devices we have two types of categorization

1) Predifined Database

2) Customized Database

1) Predefined database : "Support devices", drivers are already installed

#lsdev -P -H (P for predefined devices, H for heading)

Gives us list

Listing particular class

#lsdev -Pc tape (P for predefined devices, c for class)

#lsdev -Pc disk

#lsdev -Pc tape --To lookup the predefined db for support for tape device

2) Customized database : "Customized devices as per requirement"

#lsdev -C -H

Status is important.

Available means ready to use.

Defined means only driver available

Device Attributes

All the devices have what is called as attributes.

Now to list the attributes of a devices

#lsattr -EH -l mem0 (E for effective attr,l logical device




Check for User settable columns, where it says whether it could be

modified or not

Every devices has a logical device located in /dev directory

ls -l /dev // To see the devices attached to your system