Service Management Facility- SMF

The Service Management Facility (SMF) is core component of the new technology introduced in Solaris 10

Using SMF system administrator could easily observe and manage services on the system.

First we will have a look at the functionality of SMF.

SMF Commands.

svcs - Reports service status

svcadm - Managing services i.e starting,stopping etc.

svccfg - List various parameter of the service

svcprop - Properties of service

inetadm - Manage inetd services.

svcs options.

-a Displays all services, including those which have been disabled

-d Lists a service's dependencies

-D Lists a service's dependents

-l Displays all available information about the service

-p Lists all processes (PID) associated with a service

-x Displays explanations for service states

-v With -x, displays extra information for each explanation


Milestones <=> Run Levels

The boot process has new parameter called Milestones for example

"boot -m milestone"

Milestone could be

1. "single-user"

2. "multi-user"

3. "multi-user-server"

4. "all"

5. "none"