Architecting Azure Solutions


Design Solutions using Virtual Machines

Leverage Availability Sets

Fault domains

Update domains

Use web apps for containers

Designing Scale sets

Azure Batch

Design migration strategies

Azure Backup and Azure site recovery

Serverless Computing

Azure Functions

Azure Logic Apps

Design Azure Containers

API Management Service

Microservices-Based Solutions

Container-Based Solutions


Azure Service Fabric (ASF)

Azure Functions

API Management Service


Why to use Microservice

Microservice vs Other Deployment options


Manage Microservice Life-cycle.

Design Web-Applications

Scalability and Performance

Business Continuity

High Availability Leveraging Multiple regions

App Service Plan

Azure App Service Environment

Design Custom web API

Secure a web API

Design for API apps

API Management Service

Web Apps on Linux

Using CDN

Using Cache, and Azure Redis Cache

Create Computer Intensive Applications

Designing HPC - High Performance Computing using Azure services

Stateless Components to accomodate scale

Design Azure Batch lifecycle strategy

Azure Batch.

Design for Azure Storage Solutions

Azure Blob Storage

Blob Tiers

Azure Files



Azure Data Services

Data Catalog

Azure Data Factory

SQL Data Warehouse

Azure Data Lake Analytics

Azure Analysis Services

Azure HDInsight

Designing for RDBMS

Design Azure SQL Database

SQL Server Stretch Database

Azure Database for MySQL and PostgresSQL

Scalability and Features

Backup and Recovery

High Availability HA / Disastor Recovery DR and Geo replication

Design for NoSQL Storage

Azure Redis Cache

Azure Table Storage

Azure Data Lake

Azure Search

Time Series Insight

Design for Cosmos DB Storage

Using MongoDB API

Using DocumentDB API

Using Graph API

Azure Tables API.

Designing Cosmos DB for cost,performance,data consistency, availability and business Continuity.

Design Security and Identity Solutions

Design Identity Solution

AD Connect sync solution

Plan AD FS - Active Directory Federation Services

Plan Multi-Factor Authentication MFA

Architect using AD on Premise and Azure Active Directory AAD

Using Azure Active Directory Domain Services.

Secure mobile apps using Azure AD

Secure Resources by Using Identity Providers

using external or consumre identity providers

Using Azure AD B2C and Azure B2B

Design a Data Security Solutions

Azure Storage Encryption

Azure Disk Encryption

SQL Server Security Capability

Azure Managed Service Identity

Implementing Key Vault

Design Governance and Policies for Administering Azure Resources

Azure RBAC - Role Based Access Control

Azure Resource Policies

Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Azure AD Managed Service Identity

Using HSM-Backed Keys