Installation Oracle Application E-Business Suite

Directory Structure

When Oracle Application installed on a machine, we have base directory <ORACLE> and in that we have various sub-directories

Details of each sub-directory

PRODDB : This contains the Database executable engine or the executable files

PRODORA : This contains the iAS executable files

PRODCOMM : This contains the scripts to start stop the application services

PRODDATA : This contains the database files viz .dbf files

PRODAPPL : This contains the module specific to the company requirement eg : FIN,MFG,MM,HR etc.


Installation of Oracle Application System will automatically create schemas of all Modules i.e GL,AP,AR etc

There are some special schemas also like APPS, APPLSYS,APPLSYSPUB they have some special purpose

APPS Schema : It is Public Schema, it consists of public synonym of all the objects of all the schemas in the

application database

APPLSYS Schema : Special Schema consists of file starting with FND,ALR,WF and AD.

APPLSYSPUB Schema : Has collection of public synonyms of all FND tables used for user verification.

password for both APPS,APPLSYS should be same

password for apps once reset, concurrent manager services has to be dropeed and re-created with password

as APPS password


Rapid install

Types of Installation


The Background Process

Sanity Checks