Administration and Monitoring SQL Databases

Monitoring SQL Database.

Monitoring , Reporting, Management of sql databases otherwise a cumbersome process we could easily

mange these through excel

Reporting DB Sizes, Disk Space,DR status,backup status, all these could be reported direcly

into excel through this procedure, follow the below mentioned steps.

1) Data Menu ,go to Import External Data

3) Choose Microsoft SQL Server

2) Click On New Source

4) Specify the Required SQL Server and the Authentication

5) Select tempdb, and uncheck the box 'connect to specific table'

6) If you want save password in file

7) Go to Edit Query

8) Here is our dialog box, set command type to sql and here you could specify our various command

1) For database sizes sp_helpdb

2) For Disk Space master..xp_fixeddrives


Would like to thank Dnyaneshwar Pasange for the Idea.