Full-Text Search

Full Text Search is used for optimum performance on query like the below

SELECT * FROM NotesTable WHERE Notes Like '%Full-Text Search%'

Implementing Full-Text Search,

1) Create Catalog, to store full text indexes

2) Create Full-text indexex within this catalog

To Rename a database

EXEC sp_renamedb '<old_name>', '<new_name>'

Getting Information About server.

select @@version

select @@servername

select serverproperty('servername')

select @@SPID AS 'ID', SYSTEM_USER AS 'Login Name', USER AS 'User Name'

select system_user

select user

select @@language as 'language Name'

select @@servicename as 'Service Name'

Difference Between Truncate and Delete

Delete is an DML Statement, whereas Truncate is DDL

At delete Rollback segments / Undo segments gets utilized. At truncate they dont

Triggers get fired on Delete, they dont get fired on truncate