System Information

One has to know his system well before doing any activity. Here we look at how to

get all the system information

Retreiving System Information

Solaris OS information could be found in the file /etc/release

cat /etc/release : Show us version of OS

showrev : Show information about hostname,hostid,Release,Kernel architecture

Kernel Version

uname -a : Also gives us the similar information


psrinfo : list virtual processor and when they came online

psrinfo -p : list the physical process

psrinfo -v : list the virtual processor and detailed information

psrinfo -pv : physical processor and their information

isainfo : platform information

Use psrinfo command to get the details of the cpu, to know the bit support of processor

isainfo -bv

To know bit support of the Kernel Modules

isainfo -kv


Use prtconf | grep Memory, to get the details of the Memory

Hard Disk

Execute format command,

This will show us the various disk connected.

Select the any disk,

then enter inquiry to get the details of the disk vendor/version etc

Detailed Hardware Information .

prtdiag : - This command displays the hardware information of the system

prtconf : - Also displays system configuration information.