Sybase components

Sybase ASE consists following componensts/services

ASE : Adaptive Server Enterprise

 This is the main database engine / process

 Backup Server 

  This runs as seprate process not related to ASE above, it main jobs is to perform dumps and loads (backup and restore)

 XP Server : Extended procedure

 Through this we could execute extended stored procedure making system calls

 Monitor Server    

 This specifically collects data for performace checking and tuning 

 Historical Server

Saves data collected from Monitor server for analysis 

Main components normaly referred as severs of this of course is the
database process / engine i.e ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise), which is
responsible for the running database. Backup is optional but again is
 important for backup and restoration  purpose. Rest of the components
could be installed as per requirement
Network :  Each of the above component/servers comes with a listening port which is
specified during installation by default Adaptive server listens at port 5000,
Backup Server listens at 5001, Monitor server listenes at 5002, XP server listenes
at  5003