1. Oracle Database and Instance
  2. Data Storage
  3. Oracle Startup and Shutdown Process
  4. Tablespaces and their Management
  5. Undo Management
  6. Users Management
  7. Shared Server and Dedicated Server Architecture
  8. Scheduling Jobs
  9. Networking and DB Links
  10. Performance Tuning
  11. Data Moving
  12. Database  Recovery Types   in progress
  13. Recover Manager - RMAN  
  14. Reading Oracle Statspack Report/ AWR
  15. Session Monitoring - Oracle Latches, Locks and Waits
  16. Oracle Database Hardening and Best Practises
       DBA Activities
       Monitoring Scripts 

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       Commonly Observed ORACLE Errors
     As someone says  "Error messages and log files are troubleshooter's best friend"
     Here we lool at the commonly observed Oracle Errors