Oracle Patched CPU and PSU

Critical Patch Updates

CPU Critical Patch Update are security Fixes for oracle products including database
and are released in mid of following months


The Steps to follow are neatly mentioned in the Readme file that comes along with
the patch.

For applying the patch we use the utility Opatch provided by oracle
Opatch is Oracle Interim Patching Tool, it is used for patching the
installed oracle software, specifically the oracle home, opatch
is located at %ORACLE_HOME%\bin directory

When you start applying cpu patch, first the earlier patch is rolled back,
after which the current patch is applied automatically.


Following are the brief steps

1) Shut down the database instance cleanly

2) Backup up the %ORACLE_HOME%, and Program Files/Oracle/inventory folder.

3) Unzip the patch

4) Set the oracle_home environment variable, Check the earlier patch for the
    ORACLE_HOME, by executing opatch lsinventory

5) Go to the extracted patch folder, execute Opatch apply, this will update
    the oracle home.

6) Logs for the above are available at %Oracle_home%\cfgtoollogs\opatch\  direcory
    in file with the installation time stamp.

7) After patch has been applied, startup the database.

8) Execute the catcpu.sql from the %ORACLE_HOME%\BUNDLE\Patch<Patch-ID> direcory

9) Follow the readme document for views recompilation.

History of all the commands executed with opach are maintained
 in %Oracle_home%\cfgtoollogs\opatch\Opatch_history.txt