Monitoring Processes Mysql

Mysql SQL commands.

mysql>show full processlist\g

Detailed description follows

ID             :  The connection identifier.
User         :  The Mysql user who issues the statement
Host         :  Hostname of the client issued the statement, also it gives the port info.
DB           :  The default database
Command :  Type of command
Time         :  The time in seconds that the thread has been in current state.
State        :   Current State,
Info           :   The statement the thread is executing.

mysql>select current_user();

mysql>show grants;  -- For current user;

mysql> show grants for <username> -- For specific user

mysql>show tables - Give us list of tables.

mysql>describe <table_name> -- Data types associated with tables

mysql>show engines - List the engines and their details

mysql>show status - List All the system variable for the instance

mysql>kill <thread id> - To kill particular thread.