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Installing/Upgrade and configure SQL 2005
Security : Principals/securables/permission/encryption
Linked Server : security model of data source

Database Mirroring
create endpoints/database partners/witness sever/operating mode
Database Mirroring.

Full recovery model for the database

As soon as transaction is done on primary it is loaded into the secondary

Operation Modes.

High Availability
Requires witness.
Transaction commit is first done at mirror and then the principal

High Protection.
Transaction commit is first done at mirror and then the principal

No witness

High Performance
After commit on principal it is sent to mirror
no witness
Logshipping /monitoring
Database Snapshot, reverting from snapshot

SQL Select queries/ formatting / collation details
Handle exeptions and errors

Manage XML data
retrive/modify/convert/indexing/load xml schema

HTTP Endpoint

Implement sever broker.
receive msg from service
create service/queue/contract/conversation/message types
send msg to service/route a msg

bulk logged
import xml using openrowset
SSIS, import of table from diff server


Maintaining databases
Index Fragmentation/statistics/shrink files/dbcc checkdb

Backup database
format option
append/overwrite existing media
device/backup filegroup
Profiler / trace/
build workload file using profiler
save recommendation index

Block and deadblok
sys.dm_exec_requests system view
terminate process
identify transaction block.

connect to non-responsive server using dac
sql sever startup logs
event logs

SQL Server agent history

gather per/opt using dmv